Strange Daze Indeed

OK, you've watched the video, you might even have read the interview with Aaron and the pages covering the band's history and biographies. Now you want to know if the music is actually any good and if the album is worth buying.

The Album Cover Art



Compact Disc

The CD is available to buy now on this site, and includes an exquisitely hand-crafted 20 page booklet.


Download Version

We originally put this together with the intention of allowing international sales without the hassle of shipping physical CDs to 200 seperate countries with the attendant customs and import duty nightmares. Unfortunately, technical issues with our eCommerce facilitator means we can't even sell downloads outside the UK. (Sorry about that). Still, if you have a UK credit/debit card and some reason for wanting the downloadable version rather than the CD, it's available for sale on this website. It includes all the tracks in FLAC and MP3 formats, as well as much of the booklet artwork.




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