The Launch Party

The launch party for the album took place on 15th June 2014 at the Hunter's Moon in Llangattock Lingoed, a magical 13th Century inn run by the Bateman family.


launch_band1 launch_band2







With an oranisational efficiency seldom seen in rock'n'roll, all members of the press and record company executives were ruthlessly excluded from the gathering, thereby ensuring everyone who did go had a wonderful time.



The crowd consisted mainly of people who had been involved with the project over it's many years, quite a few of whom had never met and hardly any of whom had heard the album in it's final form.

launch_aaron launch_steve launch_nik launch_angel2



Reaction to the album was very positive (we would say that though, wouldnt we?) and an acoustic set following the first public play-through was well received. (If you've never heard flamenco saxophone, you should really give it a try.)

launch_band3 launch_band4



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